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VFX Compositor. Lead Compositor. Editor . Filmmaker

I'm a Digital VFX compositor currently based in Dublin and originally from Spain. My VFX experience is combined with photography and lighting fundamentals, and a strong background in filmmaking, photography, video editing and colour grading. I have been working for high level feature films and series for the last 4 years meanwhile I have been learning and improving my skills to face any challenge that can show up.


My name is Pablo Ibáñez and I'm a digital VFX compositor & Lead Compositor


My journey with my interest in post-production started when I was 10 years old, since then the world of Cinema and VFX became my hobby, dream and biggest passion


I have been learning and improving my skills to face any challenge that can show up, while working as a compositor, I have been studying and learning from great artists in the industry such as Adrian Pueyo as my mentor when I did the Master’s degree in Digital Compositing for VFX (U-TAD, Madrid).


I have been working for high level feature films and series for the last 4 yearsVFX Compositing for me is the perfect mix between my creative side and my technical side which allows me to apply my precision and hard work to what has always been my greatest passion. I have a strong interest in perfecting details and crafting the best image possible, which makes me look for different approaches to solve problems. 

Always focusing on bringing out the best in people and having a global vision of the work, which has allowed me to be promoted as a 2D Lead Compositor. I am always looking for new challenges to keep growing as a professional. I believe that challenges are opportunities for growth, and I strive to find the right solution and workflow to overcome them.



“Every story has a beginning...”

At age 10 I discovered the magic of an editing and effects software, since then I kept learning and made my first Chroma key at the age of 13 years old. From that moment, I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to it, and spent the following years without stop creating things for a single moment. 

Since and as an involuntary way, my journey in the digital creation began and I started to tell stories, shoot videos, work for brands, and create all those effects that I always wanted to do. Every new thing I learned was a new challenge for me, which I loved. Chroma keying, integration, still photography, lighting, color grading, continuity, motion tracking, basically moving pixels was my passion since then and something that I got better and better at every year, without knowing that there was something called digital compositing.

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and post-production

While my passion for postproduction and effects creation was growing by leaps and bounds, my hobby for video creation and filmmaking was growing in the same way. Creating travel videos, working for brands, corporate videos as well as festival events and short films, anything that was shooting and editing later became a very strong hobby for me. That made my creative side and my photography grow in the same way that my post-production and design skills did.


Thenceforth I always had a camera in my hands, that made me understand concepts of light, lenses, color, perspectives in a much more practical and visual way. The mixture of the two, made my interest and knowledge of visual effects grow even more.


Here’s some screenshots of the first visual effects compositions from my teenage years (14 to 15)


Some of the awards and old projects I have done as a Freelance artist in the past


Contest Finalist







At the age of 14 I started creating Youtube and filmmaking videos that develop my creation ideas and effects. That made me stay motivated every year since then, and combine my filmmaking passion with the dream of visual effects and post production. This combination gave me a much better understanding of photography, lighting, editing and I was able to create visual effects and ideas that in the future would help me create my shots, and help my workflow and ideas as a Digital Compositor.

Not only am I passionate about cameras and filmmaking, what I have always loved most was editing them. Being able to have control and design with the different softwares, the effects, motion graphics, the sequences, the color and contiunity between them was my favorite thing about creating content. To be able to redraw the shots, and give my creative vision, to put them together and get the feeling I wanted to give them, was without a doubt the greatest thing.


Since then I have not been able to stop creating, making content and learning all the information there is about it. Before I knew that my favorite thing to do was called compositing, I was already creating videos and my first image compositions, mixing what I recorded with digital techniques to create the effects I wanted to tell my stories.

Then I focused my career as a digital compositor for feature film VFX, an industry that keeps me enormously motivated every single day. 


“All the storys comes to an end...”

My Professional Work